Reuse Me Bags for America


Be a part of the change and join the movement to end single use plastic bags!


Our goal is to introduce 500,000 Reuse Me Bags to America. We are able to offer you a low price of $1.20 per bag with a minimum order of only 3,000 because of all the communities taking part in this campaign. When many communities join forces we have buying power! You can personalize your Reuse Me Bags with your town logo for a small fee of $175.00.


By taking part in this campaign you will help us eliminate A LOT of single use plastic bags! A standard household in America goes through 1,500 single use plastic bags a year. And the average life span of a single use plastic bag is 11 minutes!  Let’s work together to introduce 500,000 Reuse Me Bags to our Towns and Communities in America! 

As a bonus our Reuse Me Bags are high quality with lamination and are made from recycled bottles. You can choose one of three designs.


Give your town something of which to be proud. Please take part in our campaign to Reduce and then we can start to Reuse. 

Reuse Me Bags for America. Let's go!

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